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Create easily and impressive websites with the CMS of Odoo

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The CMS of Odoo allows to visually create attractive and informative pages, which can be customized with a few clicks. The system is very easy to use and is slightly out of hand. The intuitive user interface, you can also make non-technical professional sides. Editing is done directly on the page. Thus, each element is processed in no time and you soon see the end result. Complicated CMS are no longer necessary, and belong to the past. Use the editor of Odoo CMS and well-designed building blocks to create a page in record time.

The CMS of ODOO at a Glance:

Innovative CMS system


Powerful and easy customizable, individual website


Impressive. Surprisingly nice


Inline CMS webshop

Edit any content directly on the website with the inline editor


Ready for immediate use


Including responsive

Multilingual websites


Flowing grid layout


Pull new visitors!


Designer friendly templates


Professional designs (themes)


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create websites

Edit content directly on the website

A CMS with real WYSIWYG

The CMS of Odoo allows you to create sites that will impress your visitors - without technical knowledge. The inline editor of Odoo is designed to create and edit web pages exceptionally easy. The separation of front end and back end is a thing of the past. You can simply select the content to be processed in the surface.

Changes to headers, adjustments of formatting, and much more can be changed directly on the page with just one click.

Impressive & beautiful look

Design with the help of building blocks

Building-block support you in creating your website with the CMS of Odoo. The buliding block can simply be dragged and dropped and can be positioned at the desired location, where you can then edit the item.

You must not be an IT specialist to make a beautiful website. The CMS of Odoo helps to create a modern designed website.

Building Blocks
business functions with CMS of odoo

Fully integrated and ready to use

With the CMS of Odoo you get full integration, without synchronization.

With just one click you can get a variety of business functions, such as e-commerce, job offers, call to actions, events, customer references, blogs, etc.

Traditional e-commerce applications and CMS usually have poorly designed backend. Benefit with Odoo of the best management software and keep it full overview of your orders, applicants Leads and much more.

Responsive design

Design with the CMS of Odoo a web page that looks good on mobile devices thanks to bootstrap. The landscaped site pages automatically adapt to the screen size of the respective mobile device (phone, tablet, desktop).

Responsive design
Promote tool of ODOO

New visitors through SEO tools

The promotion tool of Odoo is looking for the most searched terms on Google, tests them and automatically generates keyword suggestions. SEO tools are preinstalled in Odoo and are available for use.

Google Analytics will track the activities of the shopping cart. Sitemaps and structured content is automatically created for indexing by Google.

Made easy multilingualism

With the CMS of Odoo you can translate web pages with minimal effort in several languages. Odoo supports you with automatic suggestions for translations and transmits changes to the master page to all other pages.

translate web pages
create new pages, themes in odoo

Templates, that designers love

The templates of Odoo are easy to use and offer the opportunity for quick adjustments. It is necessary to create programming to new pages, themes or building blocks. Odoo used a clean HTML structure and bootstrap.

Pages can be adjusted directly in the template editor. It is also possible to distribute your work as Odoo module.

Grid layout

Odoo allows the designing of pages using drag and drop, and building blocks. This allows to resize and move blocks, according to your wishes and desires. This way you can create websites with Odoo easy as never before.

Building-block based on a responsive grid system, which may include up to twelve columns depending on the size of the screen.

responsive grid system of odoo
Professional designs for website

Professional designs - changeable by clicking

In Odoo you can switch between predefined templates or create your own template to customize the appearance of your website.

Social media support

Build visitor loyalty - Social media is already integrated in Odoo. The "Follow" button will allow users to follow you automatically and to get your blog entries automatically by mail.

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Odoo image and text block

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